SMI = commercial grade equipment

We maintain a large fleet of commercial grade snow-fighting equipment, including trucks, wheel loaders, graders, backhoes, skid-loaders, snow throwers, rotary brooms, etc. All equipment is maintained by a master mechanic and is inspected prior to snow and ice events to ensure optimal performance.


Straight Plows

Straight plows, typically mounted on trucks, are fast, efficient, durable, and reliable.



V-Plows, typically mounted on trucks, are multi-functional plows, used for detail work and cleanup.


Snow Pushers

Snow pushers, typically mounted on skid loaders or wheel loaders, are fast and efficient for large capacity snow clearing.

IMG_0294   pusher2

Sidewalk Clearing Equipment


Snow Blowers


Rotary Brooms

Rotary brooms, typically mounted on skid loaders or multi-purpose tractors, allow for high-volume snow clearing of delicate sidewalk surfaces such as marble, brick, etc.


Dry Material Spreaders

Dry material spreaders provide optimal coverage and are used for dry bulk or bagged materials such as salt, calcium chloride, or blends.


Liquid Material Spreaders

Liquid material spreaders are excellent for anti-icing applications and are used for salt brine, magnesium chloride, and blends.


Bulk Salt Storage

We have the capacity to store over 2000 tons of bulk rock salt at our facility in Exeter, PA — the largest privately owned salt storage facility in NEPA.