SMI = experienced, capable, qualified

We have years of experience maintaining commercial properties. Our dedicated team of professionals is committed to the unique requirements of each property. References are available upon request.

Retail Shopping Centers

Our experience with retail shopping centers has taught us that weekends, holidays, and other peak-shopping periods require exceptional dedication and commitment. Training and dedication to be professional and friendly are essential. Prioritization of work is necessary to ensure that entrances, handicap areas, ramps, and docks are safe and accessible. A snow response plan is critical.

Corporate Office Buildings & Office Parks

These professional environments require expert decision-making and flawless execution. Executives arriving early to work demand clear parking lots and safe egress to building entrances. Drive lanes, visitor parking, high-profile parking, handicap parking, and sidewalks are important. A snow response plan is critical.

Industrial Buildings & Complexes

Manufacturing plants, warehouses, and other industrial properties require 24/7 access and overnight shift-change services. Having the capability to perform snow hauling which is often necessary where space is limited is required. Loading docks, storage areas, employee lots, and building entrances are high importance areas. A snow response plan is critical.

Government Buildings & Complexes

These high-traffic properties require exceptional attention at all times. Elderly and disabled visitors demand safe access to these buildings. Employee lots, drop-off areas, and sidewalks are critical. A snow response plan is critical.

Health Care Facilities & Hospitals

Medical clinics, emergency clinics, and hospitals require a level of attention that only few contractors have the ability to provide. Emergency drop-offs, building entrances, handicap parking, ramps, and sidewalks are priority areas. Patients and personnel demand clear and safe access at all times. Wheelchairs, walkers, and crutches require clear access to building entrances. A snow response plan is critical.

Educational Institutions

Colleges, universities, and even satellite campuses are unique high-traffic properties. In addition to daytime classes, these large sites are home to sporting events, special events, and evening classes. Roadways, building entrances, and sidewalks are important. A snow response plan is critical.

Sports Complexes

Venues for professional and amateur sporting events, shows, and concerts are extremely demanding in nature. During events, these high traffic properties require extra levels of staffing and equipment. A snow response plan is critical.

Multi-Family Living Centers

Multi-family living centers require special attention. An early morning visit must be followed by a second visit to open up areas where cars were parked. Clear drive lanes, sidewalks, and careful placement of snow are critical. A snow response plan is critical.