SMI = full service capabilities

We offer customized service packages, designed to meet each customer’s unique situation. By creating these strategic partnerships, we’re able to meet our customers’ individual needs while delivering outstanding value. We offer a variety of service agreements including:

  • Seasonal All Inclusive: Fixed Price for the Season with No Additional Charges
  • Seasonal Limited: Fixed Price with Additional Billing for Severe Ice Storms/Blizzards
  • Hybrids: Custom Seasonal Contracts Tailored to the Client’s Needs
  • Per Visit: Fixed Price Per Each Individual Visit to the Site during a Winter Event
  • Per Inch: Fixed Price Per Inch of Total Accumulation during a Winter Event
  • Hourly: Time & Material Cost for Each Man & Equipment Hour

Snow Plowing

We expertly match specific equipment to each location, based on the unique needs of each property. Depending on the property, we use an assortment of pickup trucks, skid-loaders, and loaders, utilizing straight plows, v-plows, and containment snow pushers.

We carefully place snow according to a snow response plan for each property, addressing priority areas first and being mindful of fire hydrants, handicap areas, sidewalks, ramps, docks, loading/unloading areas, etc.

Our plowing is professional, systematic, and efficient.

Snow-Photos-Backhoe-(1)   Snow-Photos-Loader-2-300x169

Snow Hauling

Generally upon request, we will remove snow piles from a property and relocate them off-site or into agreed-upon snow storage locations on the property. This work is often performed following a large snow event but occasionally is requested to be done after every snowfall.

Snow hauling requires a mix of wheel loaders, skid-loaders and tri-axle dump trucks. We have the capability that you may need.

snow-hauling-photo   snow-hauling-photo-2


De-icing is the application of ice-melting materials, applied after plowing, icing, or light snowfall. Materials are either applied in solid or liquid form, depending on the property and customer requirements.

We offer environmentally-friendly materials for high-sensitivity areas.


Liquid Anti-Icing

Anti-icing is the application of ice-preventing materials, applied before plowing, icing, or light snow. Materials are either applied in solid or liquid form, depending on the property and customer requirements.

We offer environmentally-friendly materials for high-sensitivity areas.



We specialize in clearing sidewalks for large, difficult, and critical-need commercial properties. To perform at this level, we use a combination of appropriate equipment, including poly snow pushers, rotary brooms, blowers, ATV’s with plows, and snow throwers.

While our competitors treat sidewalks as an afterthought, we recognize the critical nature of safe and clear access to buildings.



We offer our customers protective services, such as staking to mark the edges of parking lots, curbs, and sidewalks. We install burlap screens to protect turf and plants in high exposure areas. We also apply anti-desiccant foliar applications for sensitive plant materials.

Most importantly, we put snow piles where they belong, not where our driver feels like putting them at the moment. This simple measure makes a significant impact on its own.

protection1   protection2


We offer consulting services to create detailed snow response plans and trouble-shoot problematic situations.

consulting1   consulting2


We offer emergency services. Because of our capabilities and extensive network, we are uniquely positioned to assist you in an emergency.

Call us if your contractor fails to deliver during major snow or ice events, is a no-show, walks off the job, or has major equipment failures. We’ll do whatever we can to assist you.

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